Jesse Hakimian

In 1979 as a result of the Islamic Revolution my family and I fled from Iran to the United States.

I graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook with a B.S. in 1987 and shortly thereafter began working in the diamond industry in New York.

Initially  I became acquainted with jewelry sales and in 1989 I acquired a GIA diamond grading certificate and began my career in the loose diamond industry.

Candy Au

Hi, I am Candy Au. I have been working in YDI HK as an accounting assistant since 2011.

I studied business administration in the City University of Hong Kong.

I like travelling, especially to Tokyo!


Itai Schwartz

Itai joined YDI`s team in 2014 with 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. Itai came back to Israel after 5 years in NY in order to serve clients from all around the world. As a 3rd generation diamantaire Itai understands the importance of long term, strong and valuable relationships with his customers. He can be reached 24/7 (except shabbat) in order to ensure that his customers will not miss any sale wherever they are and whenever they need.
Itai is a proud father and likes to hike with his family and play basketball as well as watching sports with his kids

Alain Popowski

Alain joins YDI’s Rough Department with 25 years’ experience in diamonds. With extensive knowledge and a precise evaluation of each stone’s potential, Alain purchases only the best rough goods, ensuring each stone meets YDI’s high standards for manufacturing quality fine-make rounds. Alain also applies his talent for identifying true value as a Wall Street Daytrader.

Aharon Aton

With a remarkable 44 years in the industry, Aharon dedicates his talents to YDI’s Rough Department in Sorting and Sales. Aharon understands the importance of an accurately-sorted rough stock to meet manufacturing needs. Always energetic, Aharon loves exploring nature and being with his 6 grandchildren.

David Peterfreund

With over 20 years’ experience in the rough diamond sector, David knows the potential of rough stones. He values opportunities to strengthen YDI’s rough resources and advance production goals. With YDI’s polished clients in mind, David is uncompromising when it comes to quality.

Maria Dinivitser

Maria contributes her organizational skills to YDI’s Inventory department with diligence. Maria helps manage import-export activities and keep YDI’s extensive presorted inventory carefully categorized so orders can be processed efficiently. She especially enjoys spending time with her children and reading science-fiction novels.

Marge Cucuzza

Marge handles the New York Office’s accounting. With over 20 years’ working in the diamond industry, Marge’s efficiency and organizational skills keep the office on top of its local affairs while remaining integrated within the YDI group. In her free time, Marge especially enjoys making ‘personal transactions’ as an enthusiastic shopper.

Yaffi Cohen

Yaffi joins YDI with an Accounting degree and over 11 years experience as an Accountant in the diamond industry. A lovely, talented member of YDI’s Accounting staff, Yaffi’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that YDI’s financial activities remain in order. When not number-crunching, a good book is Yaffi’s way to relax.