Wendy Fung

Wendy manages YDI’s Hong Kong office and its activities in Southeast Asia. A graduate of Engineering Physics with a Masters in Philosophy of Applied Physics she is a pragmatic thinker fascinated by the diamond trade having helped develop YDI’s Southeast Asia network.

Maggie Yeung

Maggie organizes YDI’s participation in Hong Kong’s trade shows, while regularly evaluating local market movement. A people-person and natural event planner, Maggie’s philosophy of great service with a marketing edge has been vital to YDI’s success in Asia.

Rose Lanxner

Rose single-handedly manages the administration and import-export activities of this office. Having acquired a degree in Computer Processing in the US, Rosi graciously offers her knowledge in order to advance YDI operations.

Jesse Hakimian

Moses Ralph Gadkar

With a BA in Commerce and twenty years’ experience as a diamond buyer and seller Mosses is a member of the team with a unique perspective. Born and raised in India, Moses’ international experience allows him to effectively meet the specific needs of industry leaders worldwide.

Benjie Hamelsldorf

Benjie’s youthful enthusiasm combined with his skills and attention to detail are essential in advancing the goals of YDI by providing impeccable service to his clients.

Laura Nejman-Zohar

After completing her B.A. in social work Laura changed direction and joined YDI in promoting sales on the local market and in Europe, where her extensive language skills have opened doors in the high-end jewelry industry.

Itai Schwartz

Itai joined YDI with extensive previous experience in all phases of diamond production and worldwide sales and has measurably added new markets for YDI.

Motti Chazut

Joining YDI after a long stint on the US diamond market, Motti has developed the certificate diamond sector into a dominant force in the industry, recognized locally and worldwide.

Doron Cohen

Having begun his career in the New York diamond industry, Doron sources polished goods worldwide for goods which meet YDI’s criteria.