Abraham Fluk

Continuing a 70-year family legacy in diamonds, Abraham leads YDI with solid experience, sound knowledge and visionary initiative. The son of the late industry pioneer, Zorach Fluk Z”L, Abraham established and continues to lead YDI with unwavering dedication, strengthening the family’s longstanding relationship with DeBeers and world-renowned producers and dealers.

Ori Fluk

A third generation diamantaire, Ori heads all YDI operations alongside his father, Chairman Abraham Fluk. With degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration and a Master of Laws, and over twenty years’ experience in the diamond industry, Ori leads with up-to-date ideas rooted in extensive industry knowledge, setting the standards for quality and service.

Suzanne Schott

Suzanne has been working with the Fluk family for nearly twenty years. With advanced language skills, an international banking background Suzanne manages the administrative details of the diversified activities of the YDI Chairman.