Abraham Fluk

Continuing a 65-year family legacy in diamonds, Abraham leads YDI with solid experience, sound knowledge and visionary initiative. The son of late industry pioneer Zorach Fluk Z”L, Abraham has established and continues to lead YDI with unwavering dedication, strengthening the family’s longstanding relationships with the DTC and world-renowned producers and dealers.

Ori Fluk

A third-generation diamantaire, Ori heads all YDI operations alongside his father, Chairman Abraham Fluk. With degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration, a Masters in Law, and over ten years’ experience in diamonds, Ori leads YDI with innovative ideas rooted in extensive industry knowledge, setting the standard for quality and service.

Debby Pigeon

Debby recently joined YDI team,
with advanced and diversified languages skills, and international manufacturing background specialized in logistics.
Debby manages the administrative details of the diversified activities of YDI’s chairman

Etty Hamai

Roni Levi

After years managing YDI’s New York Office and bringing it to the fore of the North American diamond market, Roni now heads the Sales Department for YDI worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in the diamond business and an Accounting degree, Roni understands quality, value and delivers both to YDI’s clients, catering to their specific needs. He is a trusted mentor for the Sales staff and is dedicated to ensuring that every YDI client gets exactly the diamonds they want.

Yael Hass

Doron Cohen

Formerly a Policeman in Israel, Doron started in New York as a Diamond Cutter. Today at YDI’s New York Office, Doron uses his eye for quality to provide clients with “exactly the diamonds they want”. Doron is also a devoted father and sports fan, who especially loves playing with his kids at the park.

Itai Schwartz

Itai joined YDI`s team in 2014 with 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. Itai came back to Israel after 5 years in NY in order to serve clients from all around the world. As a 3rd generation diamantaire Itai understands the importance of long term, strong and valuable relationships with his customers. He can be reached 24/7 (except shabbat) in order to ensure that his customers will not miss any sale wherever they are and whenever they need.
Itai is a proud father and likes to hike with his family and play basketball as well as watching sports with his kids

Benjie Hamelsdorf

The fourth generation in a family of diamantaires, Benjie joins YDI with three years’ experience in the diamond industry. Benjie lends his skill and attention to advancing the goals of YDI by providing impeccable service. Additionally, Benjie is a proud new father as well as a Volunteer Paramedic for ‘Magen David Adom’

Laura Nejman

Originally from Belgium, Laura has several years’ of experience in diamonds and uses her expertise to provide the most efficient service to YDI clients. She is known for her attention to detail and her friendly nature. Fluent in French, English, Hebrew, and Dutch, Laura has become an essential member of YDI’s international sales team. She is also a dedicated wife and mother.